Metal products

production and installation

Metal products

production and installation

Manufacture of metal structures, equipment and components

Industrial equipment – pallets, containers, transport equipment

Stairs, railings, platforms – civil and industrial construction

Welding machine building subassemblies

Members, subassemblies and parts in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries

Manufacture of construction assistance devices

Agricultural equipment

Execution of individual designer orders

Assembly and repair work

Steelconstructions Ltd – manufactures metal products

Metal pallets, containers, transport trolleys

Stairs, railings, fences, awnings and sheds

Metal structures and equipment for construction and machine building

Feeders and pens for livestock breeding

Metal benches and bins

Individual design projects

European projects executed:

Implementation of an European project: BG16RFOP002-2.001-0079
“Production capacity improvement and export volume increase of Steelconstructions Ltd.”